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National Telecommunications Week is April 11-April 17


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National Telecommunications Week is April 11-April 17, this is an opportunity to celebrate our dispatchers and their devotion to the safety of our community.

Please join us in recognizing the selfless service of our St Clair County Dispatchers. These men and women are the voices you hear in the moment of need. The voices that calm your fear. The voices that send help. These men and women work tirelessly behind the scenes and serve as a lifeline to our responders. 

Our 9-1-1 Dispatch Center answers all emergency and non-emergency calls for all of St Clair County, as well as dispatching all police and fire departments in the county. 

Last year our dispatchers took 122,253 calls for service, while they fielded a total of 177,810 phones calls.

Our dispatcher's ability to multitask, effectively communicate, and remain calm under extreme pressure, is imperative to keep both responders and residents safe.

For that we say "THANK YOU".

Happy National Telecommunications Week!




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