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Arrests made in a string of property and vehicle thefts


Mark Peoples Jerald Graham Richard Kirby
Kara Frost Mandi Collins

Date: 1-09-2022    

Event: Recovery of stolen vehicles

Location: Springville         

The St. Clair County Criminal Investigation Division has been actively working a string of vehicle and property thefts throughout St. Clair County. This complex investigation has yielded the results of several recovered stolen vehicles, tractors, weapons, flat bed trailers, farm equipment, motorcycles and more. Suspects in this case have all been arrested and more charges could be pending as the investigation continues.

Mark Peoples, 28 yo, w/m of Springville was charged with receiving stolen property 1st - 3 counts, theft of property 1st -3 counts, permitting animals to run at large, FTA- driving while suspended, probation revocation.

Mandy Collins- 42 y/o, w/f of Springville-                                        Receiving stolen property 1st- hindering prosecution, obstruction of governmental operations,

Kara Frost-24 y/o, w/f of Ashville-                                                    Receiving stolen property 1st - 4 counts and theft of property 1st- 2 counts

Richard Kirby- 42 y/o, w/m of Springville-                                      Receiving stolen property 1st, and FTA- unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

Jerald Graham- 29 y/o, w/m of Springville-                                   Receiving stolen property 1st


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