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St. Clair County DEU conducts -Drug Warrant Round Up


    For Immediate release

    Date: 5-13-2022

    St. Clair County Drug Enforcement Unit

    Drug Warrant Round Up


             The St. Clair County Drug Enforcement Unit conducted a county wide drug warrant round up that resulted in the arrest of 10 persons for crimes that include unlawful distribution, possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana in the cities of Leeds, Pell City, Moody, Ashville, and Steele.

During this week long operation the Drug Enforcement Unit also made new felony drug arrest during warrant service in Moody and Pell City and incident to a traffic stop in Ashville with the assistance of Sheriff's patrol.

The Drug Enforcement Unit also executed a narcotics search warrant with the assistance of the St. Clair County SWAT Team in the City of Leeds that resulted in the recovery of a trafficking amount of methamphetamine.

                This Drug Enforcement Effort enabled the Drug Enforcement Unit to recover methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and firearms from persons committing crimes across the county and in one case resulting in the charge of chemical endangerment by narcotics.

The Drug Enforcement Unit would like to thank Leeds Police Department, Moody Police Department, Ashville Police Department, Steele Police Department, St. Clair County Sheriff's Patrol Division, and the St. Clair County SWAT Team for their assistance in the round up.


   Billy J. Murray




Drug Warrant Round Up

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