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Deputy delivers baby this morning!




Delivering a baby Is not something we get to be a part of very often but that was not the case today.

Central Dispatch received a call of a female in active labor at a Vincent residence. Deputy Wise was the first person to arrive on scene and realized the baby would be coming soon.

St. Clair County Telecommunicator Tina Davis immediately activated Prepared Live!

The Prepared Live APP enabled Tina to see the scene and guide Deputy Wise through Alabama EMD pre arrival instructions to safely deliver the baby.

We are happy to share that Ryan Howell was delivered healthy this morning at 9:54 am. Ryan is 7 pounds and 19 inches long.

Ryan and his mom Jaycee Howell have been checked out at a local hospital and are doing well.

We would like to recognize our great team for their dedication to the citizens of St. Clair County.

Welcome to the world Ryan!


Ryan Howell


Tina Davis Deputy Caleb Wise
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