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Bomb Threat at Odenville Middle



Date of event: 11/6/2019

Event: Bomb Threat

Place of occurrence:  Odenville Middle School

Suspects: Unknown

For immediate release:


The St. Clair County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officer received a report of a note found in the girls restroom by school personnel. The note was found between 0930 and 1000 hours on this date.  A threat of a bomb was indicated in the note and the appropriate action was taken by law enforcement and school personnel to safely evacuate the Odenville Middle, Intermediate and Elementary Schools. The school perimeter was secured and after diligent search, no evidence of any type of explosives were located.  No injuries were reported. 

Thank you to Odenville Police Department, Odenville Fire & Rescue, St. Clair County SWAT and Pell City Police Department for all assistance in this situation.





Billy J. Murray


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