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Crime Tips and Prevention


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Personal Safety

  1. Reduce or eliminate opportunities that may make you a target.
  2. Increase awareness in places where you're most comfortable.
  3. Prepare your schedule daily with safety in mind.
  4. Be AWARE of your surroundings at all times and trust your INSTINCTS.
  5. Stay in well lit, populated pathways. Avoid shortcuts.
  6. Travel in groups. There's always safety in numbers.
  7. Walk with your head upright. Make eye contact. Thieves often target victims who are not paying attention to their surroundings or who are looking down.
  8. Pay attention to your surroundings when using electronics on the streets and public places. Don't TUNE yourself out. DON'T WALK AND TEXT.                                                                                                                                                       

Home Safety

  1. Work with your neighbors to look out for one another and on your neighborhood at all times. Report suspicious activity.
  2. Do not keep extra keys under a doormat or planter, on a ledge, or in the mailbox.
  3. Set timers on lights when you’re away from home or your business is closed, so they appear to be occupied.
  4. Illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide: the spaces between trees or shrubs, stairwells, alleys, hallways, and entry ways.
  5. Install security systems and cameras wherever possible. 
  6. Do not post on social media when your out of town.


Prevent Identity Theft




Greatest Save Teen PSA Program.

Online Safety

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