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K9's Madonna and Yance




              Meet your K-9 Team!


K9 Tahoe


Lionel and Madonna
Madonna is a Yellow Labrador trained in Narcotic Detection. Madonna and handler Deputy Callender will assist deputies, municipal officers along with State Troopers in drug enforcement along St. Clair County roads and highways in the fight against illegal narcotic use and sales. Madonna will also be utilized in the schools throughout St. Clair County in assisting the St. Clair County Sheriff's School Resource Officers and municipal School Resource Officers on the fight against illegal narcotic use and sales. Along with detection Madonna will be utilized to inform the youth about the dangers of narcotic use with the St. Clair County DARE program.



Deputy Bishop and partner K9 Yance

Yance is a two year old German short-haired pointer.

Yance and his handler Deputy Bishop are great partners already and have been making drug arrests since their first day together. 


Crime Stoppers
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