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Can I get a concealed carry permit in St. Clair County? 

Anyone who is a resident of St. Clair County may apply for a permit. Permits are approved at the discrection of the Sheriff

How do I apply for a concealed carry permit?

We have a couple of options for your convenience. You may apply online on our website. There is a link available on this page. Once we have received your permit application or renewal in the office and have completed the criminal history you will receive a courtesy call advising you that the permit is approved or denied. You may also come to the Ashville or Pell City office and apply or renew in person using our kiosk. If applying in person a criminal history has to been performed before we can issue you a new permit. 

Concealed Carry Online Application

Do I have to come in to the office to pick up my approved permit after I have applied online?

No. You may send in to either office a self addressed stamped envelope and we will be happy to send your permit in the mail (usually the next day) thus saving you a trip to the office to pick up in person.

What are the fees for concealed carry permits?

The fee is 15.00 per year that you purchase. You may purchase up to 5 years at a time. If you are paying online there are credit card convenience fees that will apply. 

Are there any discounts available for permits?

Only one discount and that discount is for retired military. All retired military will receive one year at no charge per the Alabama State Law 13A-11-75.1 as of August 1, 2016. Please bring with you your retirement card or DD214.

How do I have my fingerprints made? 

St. Clair County Jail in Ashville will do fingerprints cards for the public at no charge. Please call ahead to confirm the best times to come.  Ashville Jail 205-594-2149

How do I sign my family member up for project lifesaver?

You may call either office to speak with the Project Lifesaver Coordinator Jeff King and he will make an appointment to come see you and get your family signed up.205-753-0382

I am having an alarm installed in my house how does my alarm company get in touch with your central dispatch?

They may call 205-884-3333 or 205-594-3333. These are the non-emergency numbers. 

How do I report a crime to the Sheriff's Office?

If the crime is in progress call 911. If the crime has previously occurred but there is no emergency call 205-884-3333 or 205-594-3333 and dispatch will send a deputy to make a report for you. If you choose you may come into the Sheriff's Office and the report can be made in the office.

How do I obtain a copy of an incident/offense report that I made?

Reports can be printed at the Sheriff's Office during normal business hours. The victim of the report must bring in identification and the fee is 3.00 (cash only) for a copy of each report. 

Business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

How do I obtain a warrant against a person?

Warrants are issued by the Circuit Clerk in the Courthouse. You will need to have an incident/offense report with you to give the clerk. If the offense is a felony an investigator will assist you in obtaining the warrant.

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