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Criminal Investigation (CID)

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Chief Layton

Chief Investigator Wayne Layton






           Criminal Investigation Division 


The Criminal Investigations Division of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office works closely with the Patrol Division. In the majority of cases, Patrol makes the initial contact with the victim of a crime. The patrol deputy determines the validity and degree of the offense, creates a written report, and forwards the felonies to the Criminal Investigations Division, where case assignment is made for follow-up by an investigator.

    The Criminal Investigations Division is led by Chief Investigator Wayne Layton, who is responsible for assigning, managing, and assisting with cases assigned to investigators under the division. Within the Criminal Investigations Division are subsections that include General Investigations, Sex Crimes, and Narcotics. General Investigators are assigned a wide range of cases that include homicide, assault, robbery, burglary, theft, and missing persons. The Sex Crimes Unit is primarily assigned cases that would include domestic violence, missing juveniles, sexual assault, and other crimes of a sexual nature. The Narcotics Division is tasked with locating and arresting users and dealers of illegal drugs both prescription and street drugs.

    The members of the Criminal Investigations Division are made up of a group of highly trained and dedicated investigators working to make St. Clair County a better and safer community for us all.


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Sergeant Matt Cone


Investigator Wayne Knight


Investigator Kyle Howard


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Investigator Buddy McBride


Investigator Trent Cox


Investigator Demetrius Seals


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Investigator Brandon Wiggins


Investigator Josh McDonald


Investigator Chris Johnson



Randy Hurst 

Sex offender registry


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Investigator Clayton Cato




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