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Methamphetamine Trafficking arrest made


Steven Eugene Parrish


Date: 06-17-2021

Event: Methamphetamine Trafficking Arrest

Location: Ashville

Suspect:  Steven E. Parrish - 44- year old, from Oneonta


The St. Clair County Drug Enforcement Unit assisted the Ashville Police Department on a case that resulted in the seizure of approximately (3) pounds of methamphetamine and $ 13,000.00 in US currency.

The St. Clair County DEU was called to assist after Ashville Police Department Patrol made a traffic stop on Steven E. Parrish.

The St. Clair County DEU working in association with the Ashville Police Department charged Parrish with trafficking drugs.

Parrish is currently being held on a 1.5 million dollar bond.






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