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We had a 106-year-old visitor today!


Today we had a very special visitor at the Sheriff's Office.

Dr. Robert Canas of Ragland, one of the oldest St. Clair County citizens came by to see everyone. Dr. Canas celebrated his 106th birthday on May 8th.

He was the first intern at East End Memorial Hospital in Birmingham, and he keeps busy with several hobbies that indulge his love of the arts. Dr. Canas gifted his published book of watercolors to Chairman Batemon and the Sheriff.

Sheriff Murray had the pleasure of presenting Dr. Canas with an honorary Sheriff's Commission Card recognizing him for all his years of dedicated work taking care of the health and wellbeing of so many.

Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Canas!


Dr. Robert Canas Dr. Canas Dr. Canas
Dr. Canas and Admin Sheriff Murray and Dr. Canas Sheriff Murray and Dr. Canas
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