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Promotions and Advancements


The St. Clair County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce several additions to our team along with advancements from within the Office.
The new deputies in our Patrol Division are Austin Wyatt, Brandon Keith, Brian Price, Christian Hubbard, & Brantley Bonner. Matt Morris was promoted to Lieutenant of Patrol in the Southern Division.
In our Correction's Division we congratulate Michael West's promotion to Corporal, Kellie Headley's promotion to Corporal, Ladesta Mostella's promotion to Sergeant, Tyler Murphree's promotion Sergeant, Greg Walker's promotion to Lieutenant, and Phillip Barnard promotion to Captain.
In our Administrative Division Tawney Roberts was promoted to Accounting Manager and Payton Frederick was promoted to Chief Clerk of the Southern Division.
Desirae Cash was newly sworn in as a telecommunicator.
In our School Resource Division, we congratulate Alec Bosworth's promotion to Sergeant and Mark Slezak's promotion to Lieutenant.
We would like to welcome the following School Resource Officers and introduce you to our SRO Team.
Lieutenant Mark Slezak, Sergeant Alec Bosworth, Jason Munkus, Ariel Herren, Clayton Cato, Manuel Diaz, JR, Danielle Alexander, Joe Sweatt, Ken Sams, Robert Solomon, Austin Nash and Donnie Howell.
Congratulations to all and welcome to the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office Family!


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