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Recognition by the Secret Service


Chris Johnson -secret service recognition

Based on training received at the National Computer Forensics Institute, Investigator Christopher Johnson was recently recognized by the United States Secret Service. Each year, the Secret Service honors top overall examiners as well as those involved in significant case closures. 

      Among other training disciplines, Johnson has received training in Open-Source Investigation Techniques. Upon making himself available to both St. Clair County as well as outside agencies, he has been able to assist in the resolution of multiple high-level crimes, especially when it comes to the identification of previously unidentified offenders. 

      One such instance involved assistance with the identification of a suspect that was fleeing the state of Kentucky after committing a domestic violence related murder. After a neighboring agency attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle being driven by the subject, a pursuit ensued ultimately leading to the suspect crashing and being sent to the hospital. While at the hospital, the subject continued to refuse to identify himself. That agency reached out to Johnson and requested assistance. Through Open-Source training techniques, Johnson was able to produce a likely identification of the subject which ultimately led to the subject being returned to Kentucky to face justice.

      Like every member of the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office, Investigator Johnson understands and embodies the value and importance of networking and teamwork. Please join us in congratulating him on a job well done.



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